Time for an Upgrade

Just when you thought your outdoor escape couldn’t get any better. Luxury upgrades provide a completely different experience for you and your guests. Adding more than aesthetic value, some can also make maintenance less time consuming while others can reduce the cost of chemicals! And let’s face it, some of these upgrades just look super cool. So be prepared for next season by planning now. Better to begin renovations now instead of cutting in on your sun time during the spring!


Water Slides

Who needs a watermark when you can have a fantastic slide in your own backyard! This feature provides endless fun for children and adults alike. Anymore, modern slides come in a variety of shapes in sizes. It’s never been a better time to install one!


Diving Boards

They’ve changed a bit since the first appearance of springboards. Today, there’s a variety of beautiful and unique board shapes to fit any pool taste! Plus, concepts like two-for-one combination boards and jump platforms are sure to impress any olympian that visits your pool.


Splash Pads

If you’re looking for a truly interactive backyard, a splash pad is a must-have! Add a fun twist to your next pool party, all you’ll need is a patch of space and you’ll well on your way! We must say though, be prepared to be the envy of the neighborhood families!



If you’re looking to incorporate more relaxing details into your poolscape, we highly recommend a waterfall. It helps to achieve that luxury atmosphere without such high cost. A pro tip: when incorporated with a grotto, it makes for a fantastic tropical retreat!


Vanishing Edges

The most popular design innovation, vanishing edges create the look of water stretching out to the landscaping. It’s quite an optical illusion indeed! The real secret is the water flowing over a lowered edge, dropping into a catch basin filtering back into the pool.


Swim Up Bars

If you’re a fan of entertaining, a swim up bar is a fantastic investment. Instead of getting stuck between party-hosting and swimming with your guests, you’ll get to enjoy both! 


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