Giving Your Pool that Signature Touch

If you’re looking to get a new pool, or update an existing one, it could be tough to figure out your wants, needs and dislikes. The possibilities for pool design are virtually endless, so here’s a few design tips that could give your pool that signature touch.

Recessed Lounge Area- We’ve all heard of swim up bars. But have you ever thought about one of these? Unique and beautiful, a recessed lounge area could be the solution you’re looking for to give your pool that extra wow factor.

Cascading Waterfall- Adding a waterfall to your pool, big or small, adds a beautiful touch to the life of your pool. Additionally, the flow of water that results from a waterfall helps to deter the growth of algae that occurs when water is stagnant. Beauty and function never looked so good.

Zero Edge Pool- You’ve seen them on television. Why not have one in your backyard? Zero edge pools look incredibly beautiful due to their illusionary effect of water being edge to edge.

Swim up bar- A swim up bar is a great way to relax and unwind in your pool. It creates a welcoming atmosphere that’s perfect for entertaining your guests.

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