A Small Pool For Your Backyard

Don’t worry! When you design a custom pool, it’s easy to accommodate the size of your backyard. Designing a pool to perfectly fit your needs would be our pleasure. Here are a few things to consider when planning for the pool that’s perfect for your size yard. 

The style of your pool will make a huge difference in how your yard as a whole will look. If you prefer your whole yard be taken up by your pool, styles like the Shimmering Canyon, Rustic Haven,  and Woodland Springs might be a great option! This leaves room for the extra waterfalls and other cool additions. 

The shape of your pool will help you decide what style you want and will make it easier to plan other changes in your backyard. From square, rectangle, oval, or even circle, the shape will set up the scenery, but keep in mind you have to have the room!

You may be looking at a cheaper option! Woo-hoo! Since a smaller pool doesn't require as much material, or water, as a standard sized pool, the cost of installing won’t be as bad, though, and it might even cut down the time it takes to get it installed. 

Concrete, vinyl, or fiberglass? Considering you’re looking for a smaller sized pool, a concrete or vinyl pool may be a better option. Since fiberglass is typically used to make larger sized pools, the manufacturer may not offer the smaller size. Both vinyl and concrete are flexible, making it easy to choose a pool style you love without sacrificing your ideal material choice. 

There are three different types of filters typically used for pools of all sizes: sand, cartridge, and diatomaceous earth (DE). A sand filter is the most common filter in which it filters debris through backwashing the pool water into a waste line. A cartridge filter screens out the dirt and you can simply wash off the film. The DE filter is a proud powder with tiny openings that allow the materials to be absorbed and trapped.