What's New In Pools

Creating custom pools are our calling, and we are proud to do it well. Over the years we have seen many styles come and go, and have worked hard to design pools and spas for our customers, however, these new ideas have us raving. Check them out for yourself: 


Swim-Up Bars with Cool Umbrellas

Yes, this is basically paradise in your own backyard. A swim-up bar, or two, is a simple, yet extravagant addition that can facilitate any social event or just a day out in the pool. Customize it with a different shape, diameter, height, or tiles to make it your own. Enjoy your favorite drink while keeping cool in the water, and shaded from the sun. 


LED Pool/Spa Lights

Your neighbors might think you’re throwing a cool party, but really you’ll be relaxing to the soft transition of the LED light s in your spa. Fit for any occasion, person, or day, installing LED lights in your pool will make your backyard experience just that much better. 




The majestic influence a waterfall can have in your backyard alone is impressive. But adding one to your pool is incredibly beautiful and serene. There are also many styles to choose from, giving you complete control of what your signature pool will look like and how what it will add to your yard. Waterfalls are easily the number one addition to pools that instantly create a sensual backyard.  




Even without a pool, a backyard appears far better looking with just a small amount of landscaping. Whether you add flowers, trees, or tall leafy plants, your pool is going to look, and feel, as if you were out on vacation. Landscaping also allows you to use your pool as a backdrop for great pictures and an attraction for events.