A distinctive mark, characteristic, or indicating identity.  
This is the definition of signature.  

We named Signature Custom pools for this reason; you can make your mark in your back living space in your own way.  The way we design is totally based on your wants and the way your space is laid out.  Cookie cutters are something you use in the kitchen not in your back living area.  A beautifully designed pool is only as enjoyable as its construction quality. Signature Custom Pools is consistently recognized for our superior level of swimming pool construction. By always combining the best elements of design, along with technical expertise and a hands on approach, we build our pools to provide our clients with years of virtually carefree enjoyment.

Don learned the construction of pools from one of the best builders of pools before he retired.  He learned that a solidly constructed pool takes time and no expense can or will be spared. Your custom design is truly one of a kind; with all of the pools he has built there are not two that are the same.   We would love to take you to some of the pools he has built and have a chance to talk to some our customers. .  He also takes your existing pool; rehabilitates and make it look brand new. We build in central Oklahoma and love every minute of helping people make their dreams come true. Don is with you every step of the way; he is on site. We employ no sales person and then turn you over to the construction crew. 

We have lived in Norman for 35 years and plan on staying here until we are no more.  We are part of the community and give back to the place we raised our children and are now watching our grandgirls thrive.

Signature Custom Pools and Spas are members of the Norman Chamber of Commerce, The Builders Association of Southern Oklahoma, the National Builders Association and the Association of Pool & Spa Professionals.

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